A Business Leader-Funny Story

A Business Leader

It is a business leader who speaks with a moron:

Chief: hi we play a little game?

Debile: yes why not what is your game?

Chef: in fact I ask you a question if you can not answer you give me € 1.00 and you will have to ask me a question if I can not answer I give you € 10,000 ok?

Débile: ok ask me your question!

Chief: ok, in life we ​​have a dad and a … (Mom)

Débile: in life we ​​have a papz and … A dad and … I do not know yours 1,00 €

Chef: Okay, let’s make it simpler, what’s the name of the big red man who gives Christmas presents?

Débile: the big red guy who gives Christmas presents … I do not know like 1,00 €

Chef: I do not know ask me a question !!

Debile: ok, what are 2 legs in the morning 3 legs in the afternoon and 9 legs in the evening ??

Then the chief makes calculations of patient during 2H30min then he says to him:

Head: good will you win I do not know would be 10 000 € what is the answer ??

Debile the … The answer I do not know about 1.00 €

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