A French in English Bar-Funny Story

A French in English Bar-Funny Story

He’s French, in an English bar. After a moment, he notices an ant in the glass of a man.

So, he decides to warn him. Not knowing English, he exclaimed; “Ant!”

English, not speaking French understands “For me!” (for me), then, he answers; “No, it’s for me.” (no it’s for me).

French, start again, and say; “Ant!”

English, gets angry and tells him again; “It’s not for you! It’s for me.” (It’s not for you, it’s for me)

The French insists and, English, really angry, puts a beating.

The next day, English would like to thank the French, later realizing that there was an ant in his glass. Then, in the street, he cries to French; “Come here! Come here!” (come here, come here!)

The French, still not speaking English understands “Like yesterday! Like yesterday!”, So he exclaimed; “Oh no, not yet!”

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