A Furious Guy-Funny Story

In paradise, a furious guy comes to St Pierre.

  • But damn, what am I doing here! Look at me, I’m 30, I’m in great shape, I do not drink and I do not smoke! Last night I went to bed, and now I find myself here in front of you! You must have been wrong!
  • Well ! it never happened, but hey, I’ll check! What is your name ? St. Peter asks.
  • Durand. Thomas Durand!
  • Ok, and what is your job?
  • Car mechanic.
  • Ah, here, I have your record. Thomas Durand, garage mechanic. Well, Monsieur Durand, you are dead of old age!
  • Old age? But finally it’s not possible, I’m only 30 years old!

“Oh, I do not know, Mr. Durand. We counted all the hours you billed your customers and that gave us 132 years!

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