A Motorist-Funny Story

A Motorist

A motorist is flashed on a country road by a policeman. The latter calls out to him and finds his offense:

  • Do you know sir that you have exceeded the speed limit?

“Oh, you know, I’m not much out of control, sir.

His wife sitting beside him said to him:

  • But finally dear, you were well above the speed limit!

The gendarme also notes to the man that his rear light does not work:

“I did not know the agent, I will have it repaired as soon as possible.

His wife outbid and tells him:

  • But it’s been six months since it broke and you do not want to fix it!

The gendarme becomes suspicious and asks the man his driving license:

  • I’m sorry sir agent, I forgot it at home …

His wife interrupts him then and says to him:

  • Do not say anything, you have no more license for three months …

The exhausted man loses his nerves and shouts to his wife:

  • But you’re going to shut up some kind of conasse!

The surprised gendarme then asks the woman:

  • So say ma’am, he is always like that with you your husband?
  • Oh no, sir, that’s only when he’s drunk!

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