A Priest Goes For Rest-Hilarious Story

  After Mass, the priest goes, as usual, to rest in the shade of the horse chestnut, behind the church. On hearing a whistling blackbird, he raises his head and sees a little girl, standing in the tree, without panties. He exclaims:

– Good Lord! Go down immediately, my child!

  The girl obeys and the priest tells him:

– Here, that’s five euros. Tell your mom that she’s buying you panties.

  The short story telling the story to his mom. This one thinks and wonders how much the priest will give him if she goes up, herself, in the tree, without panties. The following Sunday, the priest moved again under the chestnut tree.

  He hears the blackbird and he raises his head. He sees the mother, without panties.

– My God, it’s not possible! Get down as soon as possible, my daughter!

  The mother goes down and the priest tells him:

– Here, take those ten euros, and go buy yourself a razor!

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