A Rich And Stingy Man-Funny Story

A Rich And Stingy Man-Funny Story

One day, a rich but stingy man learned that he did not have a long time to live.

He expressed his last wish to his wife: to be buried with all his fortune in his coffin.

So a day came when the man died and the funeral was done.

Before the ceremony, the widow put a shoe box in her husband’s casket.

When the ceremony ended, a friend of the widow came to ask her what she had put in this box.

She replied that she had put all the fortune of her husband as he had asked.

Her friend did not take her seriously. They were millionaires.

However, she assured him that she had taken care to respect the wishes of her late husband.

He asked her how she had done to put so much money in a shoebox.

She laughingly explained to her that she had just written a check and dropped it in the box.

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