A Taxi Driver-Funny Story

A taxi driver rides a Happy Sister on the road for the first time in his life. The Good Sister gets into the taxi and notices that the driver is young and really handsome, and that he does not stop looking at her. Then the Good Sister asks him why he does not stop to look at him:

-I have a question my sister … But I do not want to offend you.

She answers :

-Go there young man. I have been a Good Sister all my life and I have heard many confessions of all kinds … So I am sure you will not offend me.

-Good … OK. I have always had the fantasy of kissing a good sister.

She answers :

-To do this you must:

From 1: Being single;

From 2: Being Catholic.

The taxi driver, exited, answers him:

-Yes, I’m single and I’m Catholic !!

“OK,” she said, “go to the shoulder.

Then the young taxi driver realizes his fantasy and gives him a kiss so intense and passionate that would make anyone blush.

When they hit the road, the driver starts crying.

The Good Sister:

-What’s going on ?

The taxi driver :

-Pardon me, my sister. I have sinned. I lied to you, I’m in a relationship and I’m not a Catholic.

The Good Sister answers:

-Heh heh heh, it’s OK. My name is Steve and I’m going to a party for Halloween.

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