Three Boys Arrive Late At School-Funny Story

Three Boys Arrive Late At School-Funny Story

Three young boys arrive late at school. The mistress wants explanations and asks everyone to exile his delay. The first boy arrives in class and the teacher asks him:

-Was you Paul?

The boy says:

-I went to collect wood. And the mistress adds:

-It’s ok, you can go sit down.

A second boy arrives in class, the teacher questions him in turn:

And where were you, Jules?

The boy answers him:

-I went to throw wood in the river.

The aquiesce mistress:

-It’s ok, you can go sit down too.

A third boy comes all wet and the mistress questions him:

-And you, what good reason do you have? Can you remind me of your last name?

The boy says:

-Well Madam, it’s me, Dubois, ………..

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